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Elementary teachers have the unique challenge of covering ALL of the Common Core Standards with students. And, they have the same group of students all day – a secondary teacher’s nightmare. The lesson plans, centers, activities, assessments, parent contacts, standardized progress reports, and standardized report cards chew up hours of an elementary teacher’s day.

Amanda Gerry at Shawsheen Elem School by Merrimack CollegeIt is the norm to find elementary teachers at school far past the final bell and on weekends, preparing for their classes. Oh, and don’t forget the countless hours and dollars (from their own pockets) they spend getting their classrooms ready during their summer “vacations,” too.

Yes, a lot of these duties are in an elementary teacher’s job description, and they chose this life because they wanted to inspire students and foster a love of learning in little minds. But, elementary teachers currently are facing added paperwork, dozens of assessments, and new curricula and materials on a near-yearly basis. And, with so many budget cuts in so many states, thousands of elementary teachers also are tasked with teaching the arts and physical education to students, as those are the first “extras” to be slashed in districts that are starving for funds.

Elementary Teacher TRUTH is the place for those heroes of education to share their stories, challenges, and frustrations as they deal with remaining positive and passionate for the little ones who rely on them for so much. The Elementary Teacher TRUTH submissions will be listed below, in alphabetical order.

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*DISCLAIMER – The goal of this platform is to provide teachers with an anonymous voice so they may feel free to share the TRUTH as it exists for them in their classrooms and teaching situations. As such, all submissions are presented as-is, unless otherwise noted. In no way are the writings or comments of any contributor – anonymous or otherwise – meant to represent the views or beliefs of TRUTH In Teaching or any other contributor, unless otherwise expressly noted. An opinion expressed by any contributor or in any anonymous submission does not reflect the views of any organization, employer, or religious congregation that contributor may be associated with unless expressly stated.

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