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One of my original goals with TRUTH In Teaching was to give teachers a voice. Teachers are using pseudonyms when writing their blogs and creating Facebook pages under creative names and titles because they don’t want to lose their teaching positions simply for telling the TRUTH. I know that teachers need a place to make their voices heard without fearing the backlash from the public and their administrators, and I provide that space here, with Teacher TRUTH.

I will share teachers’ stories, in their own voices, so that other teachers know they are not alone in their struggles with administrators, high-stakes testing, budget cuts, and the day-to-day challenges of being a professional while under attack from politicians, Common Core supporters, and anti-union groups.  It’s time to share these stories so that everyone can hear the TRUTH about what it’s like in today’s public education system. I aim to steer the discussion back to the classrooms, so that we can show America that teachers want to teach, so that their students can learn.

The best way you can share your TRUTH stories with us is to send an email to Bailey at bailey@truthinteaching.com. You can type your TRUTH story directly into the email or attach it as a Word document. I’ll take care of the formatting for you. All I need is your TRUTH story and a line about how you would like to be identified, or if you’d like to remain anonymous. Not sure if your story is something I am looking for? Send me an email and I’ll let you know.

For ease of reading, I divided submissions into Elementary Teacher TRUTH and Secondary Teacher TRUTH. No matter the age group or content area, though, teachers across the country are facing the same challenges.

*DISCLAIMER – The goal of this platform is to provide teachers with an anonymous voice so they may feel free to share the TRUTH as it exists for them in their classrooms and teaching situations. As such, all submissions are presented as-is, unless otherwise noted. In no way are the writings or comments of any contributor – anonymous or otherwise – meant to represent the views or beliefs of TRUTH In Teaching or any other contributor, unless otherwise expressly noted. An opinion expressed by any contributor or in any anonymous submission does not reflect the views of any organization, employer, or religious congregation that contributor may be associated with unless expressly stated.

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