If you’ve ever been in a co-teaching situation, you understand the value of having a digital collaboration tool that’s easily accessible by everyone on your instructional team in real-time. What if there were a platform that allowed you to centrally curate, organize, and store every lesson, worksheet, and other resource you need — eliminating the need to email documents back and forth or pass materials across the hall?

While there are plenty of tools that you could potentially use for this purpose, there’s one in particular we think is a perfect match for educational needs: LiveBinders. Even if you’re a solo instructor, this platform is incredibly useful for logically organizing materials in the same way you’d organize them in…well, a binder.


Here are a few of the ways LiveBinders is used in and outside the classroom:

  • Substitute Plans – Organize everything your substitute needs to get through the day in one easy-to-access location, complete with instructions, student materials, and supporting documents and resources, all within context.
  • Parent Packages – Get parents involved in their children’s education by packaging useful materials that coincide with the lessons you’ll be working through in class. From websites with engaging games and activities that supplement in-class work to uploaded worksheets and reading materials, you can compile a comprehensive after-school resource for parents.
  • Staff Handbooks – Even administrators can find use for LiveBinders. Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if all the rules and procedures were readily accessible and always up-to-date in digital form?
  • Student Projects – Have students create their own Binders for a class project, or have them store their projects in a Binder throughout the year. At the end of the year, have students reflect on the concepts they’ve learned and mastered through the year with a culminating review activity.
  • Student/Teaching Resources – Compile Binders on challenging concepts or central topics your students will focus on this year. Create a Binder with activities students may choose from for extra credit, or fill a Binder with supplementary reading materials and resources to reinforce concepts that students can access on-demand, from anywhere.
  • Professional Development – Need a good way to organize your credentials, your continuing education records, and professional accomplishments? LiveBinders makes a great tool for keeping track of professional development and even creating a presentation Binder to show off your prior accomplishments to land your next job.

How much? LiveBinders is free to use — that is, unless you want to be able to upload private documents, meaning that you can set uploaded documents to private so they can’t be viewed by others. In that case, it’s still an affordable tool, and as an educator, you get a 50% discount.

You can still upload your own documents and files under the free, Basic plan, but you can’t make them private. Prices (reflecting the 50% educator discount) are as follows:

  • Basic: FREE – Unlimited Binders and Shelves, up to 100 MB of storage
  • Starter Plan: $14.95/person/year – Includes private uploads, allow collaborators to upload Binders to the owner’s account, and up to 500 MB of storage
  • Professional – Edu: $9.95/month ($99.50/year) – Premium support and an email Binder icon, along with up to 50 GB of storage.

Learn more about how LiveBinders works, sign up for a free account, and go through a few tutorials to realize the full potential of this digital tool.

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