The Times, They Are A-Changin’: Lee County, Florida, Opts Out!

WOW! The news out of Florida is historic! In a vote of 3-2 last night, the Lee County School Board voted to opt out of ALL statewide standardized tests, including the Common Core. This is the first school district in the state to vote to opt out. Parents and community supporters attended Lee County Opts Outthe meeting en masse, donning red shirts in a show of solidarity and cheering as the board’s motion passed. Parents spoke during their one-minute time limit to urge the board to put their students first and shared personal stories of the testing nightmares their students have had to endure. More than 30 people spoke during the 3-hour meeting.

THIS is the step toward taking back education and putting kids and learning first that we advocate. THIS is “civil disobedience” in the name of breaking the testing cycle that cripples teachers. THIS is why we started TRUTH In Teaching: to bring teachers together to start sharing stories from the trenches to open people’s eyes about what it’s really like to try to teach during these trying times.

Subscribe to our newsletter. Sign up to receive email every time we post to this blog. Send us your personal stories of TRUTH In Teaching from your classroom to Bailey at or Angela at If a district in Florida (a state that has a statute requiring ALL students – including kindergarteners – to take up to seven end-of-course exams that affect teachers’ pay and evaluations, beginning this school year) can vote to opt out, there is hope for all of us. But, it’s going to take solidarity. It’s going to take teachers raising our voices, parents joining our ranks, and everyone working together for the students if we hope to make a national change. Share your TRUTH and teach on!

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